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A Specialist Therapy Service for Children and Families in Northumberland

Northumberland Play & Filial Therapy Service  is  located in Berwick Upon Tweed.   Northumberland Play & Filial Therapy Service can offer assessment and therapeutic intervention services to children, groups and families and professionals across Northumberland, both onsite and through the provision of mobile therapy services.  This service can be commissioned by both public organisations, such as the NHS, Social Care and Education in addition to private clients (i.e. parents and carers).  Northumberland Play & Filial Therapy Service also work in partnership with both local and national charities. 

Northumberland Play & Filial Therapy Service is owned by Tracie Faa-Thompson, an experienced Children and Families Therapist and Adoption and Fostering Social Worker, who has an abundance of clinical experience. Tracie is a qualified British Association of Play Therapists practitioner, which is an exceptionally high standard of clinical training.  She is trained in the Guerney model of Filial Therapy,  which is only accessible to Play Therapists that can demonstrate an appropriate level of training and experience.  Tracie is also one of the co-founders of Animal Assisted Play Therapy.   She is also trained in a variety of other accredited therapeutic interventions, including Autplay Therapy, Theraplay, Therapeutic Life Story Work, EMDR, DDP and Hypnotherapy.

In addition to her skills as a therapeutic practitioner, Tracie is also a published author, a national and international trainer, clinical supervisor and student mentor.  She has worked to support the British Association of Play Therapists via working on their editorial board and is soon to join the Board of Directors as Acting co-chair of the Training and Education Department.   She is also a Northern Region network co-ordinator for the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) and is a mental health committee member for  Society of Companion Animal Studies (SCAC).  Tracie also serves her local community in her position as a Parish Councillor.  She is the founder and was, for over 20 years, the Chairman of her local Riding for the Disabled Centre (until its recent amalgamation with another purpose-built centre).

Northumberland Play Therapy Filial Therapy

Turn About  Pegasus

Learn about Tracie's equine therapy and learning organisation.

Northumberland Play Therapy Filial Therapy


Learn about Tracie's Animal Assisted Play Therapy training programmes.

Northumberland Play Therapy Filial Therapy

Play & Filial Therapy Service


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