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Processes and Pricing

Learn about the stages and costs,  from first contacting Northumberland Play & Filial Therapy Service to the end of intervention.

Before any Therapy can commence, Northumberland Play & Filial Therapy Service needs to ensure that a referral and assessment has been completed which clearly identifies that it would be beneficial for any child/family/group of children to receive Therapy. Once a Therapy is in place, there also needs to be a continuing evidence that ongoing work is in the children and families' best interests. As such, there is an assessment and monitoring pathway, with each step helping to inform our thinking about how we work with children and their families.

Here are Northumberland Play & Filial Therapy Service's Five Process Stages of Therapeutic Involvement:

  • Stage 1: Initial Contact and Consent to Assess
  • Stage 2: Assessment
  • Stage 3: Therapy Package Design, Contract and Consent To Provide Therapy
  • Stage 4: Therapeutic Intevention
  • Stage 5: Review, Signposting and Closure


Our pricing menu is currently under development and will be published in the near future.  In the interim, please do get in touch with any pricing queries.

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