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Great Resources

This is an ongoing developing list to collect Tracie's recommendations.

From books to toys, from training providers to animal care, Tracie gets a lot of questions about things she would recommend to others. This is the beginning of her collecting all of her favourite things into one place.  Do keep checking back as there is a lot of information to collect from all her decades of experience!

Excellent Professional Therapy Training Providers


Tracie is a British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT) Registered Play Therapist and Clinical Supervisor. BAPT Play Therapists are graduates who have had at least 5 years post graduate training in a child and family setting, eg social workers, teachers, psychologists. For a Play Therapist to become a full member of BAPT they must have met the following criteria:

  • Completion of a Post Graduate Diploma/Masters level Play Therapy training course
  • Personal Therapy
  • On-going clinical supervision of their Play Therapy practice
  • Commitment to the BAPT Ethical Basis for Good Practice in Play Therapy
  • An up to date and clear Disclosure and Barring service check.

Although not illegal to call yourself a Play Therapist or indeed Psychotherapist or Psychologist if you are not registered or trained as a Play Therapist as described above, it is unethical and your child will not get the depth of therapeutic intervention. Please check the BAPT or PTUK register before signing up for Play Therapy to ensure that the therapist offering Play Therapy is actually qualified. PTUK also train Play Therapists who are PSA registered but they don't have to be graduates or have personal therapy.


Tracie is a Certified Filial Therapist, Filial Therapy Supervisor and Filial Therapy Instructor. It is a two/three year certification process to become a Certified Filial Therapist. The training, is only open to qualified registered Play Therapists. Filial Therapy is ratified by the American Play Therapy Association and is assessed by observed Practice, Clinical supervision, Videos of clinical work, two case studies of 2000 words each and completion of The first level Intensive Filial Therapy Training (4 days and limited to MAX 6 participants per training) Followed by The Advanced Training (3 days) Play Therapists can practice Filial Therapy under clinical supervision following the Intensive level and can call themselves a Filial Therapist not a certified Filial Therapist.  Tracie can be contacted directly about Filial Therapy training in the UK

ANIMAL ASSISTED PLAY  THERAPY TRAINING AND QUALIFICATIONS - Animal Assisted Therapy Training in the UK - International Institute for Animal Assisted Play Therapy


Van Fleet R, Faa-Thompson T (2017) Animal Assisted Play Therapy.  Professional Resource Exchange Inc, USA.

Toys and Therapeutic Digital Products - Downloadable PDF resources, covering lots of areas relating to mental health, emotional development, play therapy and mindfulness.

Animal Care and Animal Products

Coming Soon!

Websites - Children and families therapy services &  business design and coaching service. - Affordable, downloadable therapeutic resources designed by Marvellous Resources.

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