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Therapeutic Training Events

Learn more about the training programmes that Tracie delivers.

Tracie has designed and delivered training courses to, both professionals and parents, for many years.  Some of these programmes are delivered onsite whilst others are delivered at venues acquired by the professional organisations.  

Professional Training

  • 3 day Introduction to Non-directive Play Therapy skills
  • 4 day Intensive Filial Therapy
  • 3 Day Advanced Filial Therapy
  • 4 day Level 1 Animal Assisted Play Therapy
  • 4 day Level 2 Animal Assisted Play Therapy
  • 1 or 2 Day Therapeutic Life Story Work (developed by me ‘Use of Self’ Model)
  • Bespoke tailored trainings for agencies
  • 3 day Equine Behaviour and Communication (including intro to scent work)
  • 1 Day Introduction to Nature, Outdoor Play Therapy
  • 2 day Resilience training for therapists working with adopted and SGO families

Parenting Courses

  • Dr Kim Golding's Foundations for Attachment Training is a six-session programme to help parents and carers to nurture attachments with their child. It is designed specifically for those caring for children whose capacity to emotionally connect has been compromised as a result of attachment problems, trauma, and loss or separation. Informed by attachment theory and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP), it consists of three core modules:
  1. Understanding Challenges of Parenting
  2. Therapeutic Parenting
  3. Looking After Self
  • Dr Kim Golding's Nurturing attachment group work course. 3 modules 6 sessions per module. Module 1: Provides an understanding of attachment theory, patterns of attachment and an introduction to therapeutic parenting. Module 2: Introduces the House Model of Parenting, providing guidance on how to help the children experience the family as a secure base. Module 3: Continues exploring the House Model of Parenting, with consideration of how parents can both build a relationship with the children and manage their behaviour.

Get In Touch

If you would like to learn more about any of Tracie's training events or are interested in commissioning a training package for your organisation, please get in touch.

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